Our unique story

How it all began...

The roots of Purasana Ltd are in Komen, where Raf De Jonckheere opened a health food shop in 1977: Biovita. A year later he started his one man business, but it took until 1989 to become a company. It was only at the beginning of the 1990's that Biovita commenced its wholesale operations. The business continued to grow and in 1999 it relocated to more spacious premises in Ypres.


Raf's passion for organic and high-quality products, his many visits to foreign trade fairs and his nose for the latest food trends ensured that by 2010 he was ready for his next ambitious step. The own brand Purasana was born and right away it got off to a flying start. The first products to appear on the market were the organic plant powders. Purasana Ltd is still a trendsetter in the health and food market thanks to its own brands and strong distribution brands. 


The success of Biovita (now Purasana) Ltd continued this trend and in 2014 the SME was able to relocate to larger premises, this time in Gullegem. The West Flemish family business still operates from there today, employing in total 17 office employees, 2 freelance staff and 12 factory workers.

Purasana Ltd. mission statement

Raf De Jonckheere created the brand Purasana out of his personal passion for natural and organic products. His goal: to develop, produce and market high quality, safe and effective products. This takes place both under his own management and in partnership with professional partners and laboratories.


With Purasana products he wants to make people more attractive, healthier and more energetic. In short: to improve general well-being. That's why Purasana focuses not only on health, but on other sectors such as sport, wellness, home and beauty.


Additionally Purasana Ltd is very proud to be the official distributor of several leading brands in the organic and natural products market. In this way there is a great and healthy balance between the own brands and the distributor's brands.


On our separate distribution brands page you discover the following leading brands: Earth-Line, Sea-Line, Planta Pol, QNT, Easy Body,  Kaskade, Testa, Bloem, Naturado, Rosalia, Zarqa, Rampal Latour, Mooncup and Organyc.