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Healthy and delicious recipes with superfoods. Beauty miracles included.

Become a superfood chef


Superfoods contain no artificial additives and are packed with important nutrients. A growing number of people put them on their daily menu because they love eating healthy and they love the pure taste of raw products. This book will inspire you to get started with superfoods in your own kitchen. Not only to add them in smoothies but also to prepare tasteful, complete meals, from healthy and quick breakfast recipes to delicious lunches and surprising snacks.


All the recipes have been carefully composed by an expert chef-cook and nutritionist, and are perfectly balanced, both in taste and in terms of nutritional value. This makes it even easier to integrate superfoods into your daily life and to feel super fit.


56 recipes

Become a super food chef

The Purasana cook book:


- stitched, hardcover
- print: HUV Offset
- size: 200 x 250 mm, 96 p.
- publication: december 2015
- recipes: Mario De l’arbre
- design: Buro A1
- printing: Cassochrome
- publisher: Vision Publishers
- languages: Dutch, French, English
- ISBN NL: 978 90 7988 135 2
  ISBN FR: 978 90 7988 136 9
  ISBN EN: 978 90 7988 137 6