Green is the new black!

Purasana is expanding with a range packed with green raw foods with a choice of pure and complex green food sources originating from grasses, greens and algae.

What are Super Greens?

Just like the little black dress is a true classic in the wardrobe of every
woman, a kitchen without Purasana Supergreens is inconceivable and raw superfoods are true nourishment for the body.

Feeling good begins with good health, for which a smartly-stocked food cupboard is THE secret weapon for anyone who is serious about eating and drinking healthily.

From now on, surprise your body with a daily portion of Supergreens
packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other healthy foods in order to stay healthy, fit and energetic throughout life.


With the new Purasana Supergreens products, you can discover a wide range of high quality, organic products which are rich in diverse phytonutrients which are essential to the body.

The new range consists of 12 innovative products which contribute to
a healthy lifestyle and are beneficial to the body. With the Greens, you not only have more vegetables in your kitchen, from now on you will have a healthier life, get more energy and help your body to restore its natural balance.

A healthy life begins with Purasana and the extensive Supergreens range: carefully selected and produced with the highest quality.



Our grasses

Whereas most crops are very selective in the absorption of minerals, the grasses have the unique property that they absorb a number of minerals from the soil, forming a source for the body which is rich in minerals. The powdered grasses in the range originate either from grass juices or dried grasses and have a very natural taste, compared with other products in the range. The powders originating from grass juices have a smoother taste than the traditional dried grass powders.


  • 100% naturally organically cultivated wheat and barley grass, made into a pure, green powder and a natural mix of five premium grasses
  • maximum retention of colour, aroma, flavour and all essential foodstuffs
  • strongly concentrated powder packed with vitamins and minerals


Our algae

When we refer to a healthy food source, micro-algae are one of the most complete nutrients. These micro-organisms have a nutritious and strong purifying effect and form sustainable support for a healthy lifestyle.


  • 100% naturally organically cultivated algae, processed to form a pure green powder and a unique mix of algae
  • maximum retention of colour, aroma, flavour and all essential phytonutrients
  • strongly concentrated powder full of chlorophyll (leaf green)


Our vegetables

A healthy life begins with a balanced diet and the optimum integration of fresh vegetable products. Vegetables play an important part is supplying valuable nutrients to the body.

Vegetables are deservedly at the top of the food pyramid and also act as an important supplier to the body. They provide water, carbohydrates and nutritional fibre. Thanks to the sustainable production process and the vegetables not being heated, the original taste, aroma and all essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants are preserved.


  • 100% naturally sown, cultivated and harvested vegetables, made
    into a high value vegetable mix
  • maximum preservation of natural aroma and flavour of fresh vegetables
  • strongly concentrated powder packed with vitamins and minerals



Algae Mix

Powder made from spirulina chlorella & Klamath.

Origin: Southern India / America


The strongest features of three quality algae, combined in European soil and in a special Purasana algae mix, form a natural source of proteins and have a strong energy value for the body.

Thanks to the combination of chlorella, klamath and spirulina in its most concentrated form, this mix is an excellent source of chlorophyll, high quality proteins and essential phytonutrients. Thanks to this unique algae combination, the product has a strong purifying and supportive function. In addition to healthy support during the purification of the body, the algae mix also has the effect of  supporting sport and stimulating recovery following heavy exercise and sport.



Barley Grass

Origin: Europe


Barley grass powder originating from the drying of barley grass is considered to be one of the most effective green powders, rich in essential nutrients and an excellent product for the natural deacidification of the body’s pH value and the restoration of the
acid-base balance.

This Supergreen also provides the body with the recommended daily
quantity of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes.



Barley Grass Juice

Origin: America


Thanks to the natural and sustainable habitat in which the organic green plants develop, the perfect altitude of the volcanic, mineral-rich soil and the continuous supply of pure rainwater from the surrounding mountains, this is a high quality Supergreen.

As with wheat grass juice, barley grass juice has a sustainable raw
process, in which the young barley shoots are harvested at the moment when the most phytonutrients are present and then immediately cold-pressed, in order to guarantee the perfect preservation of the best and most fundamental nutritional values.


In addition to the conditions in which the grass juices are cultivated, the environment where the grasses grow and a fairly similar nutritional profile with a high chlorophyll content, the grass juices differ mainly in taste.




Origin: Southern India


Chlorella is not only sought after by NASA astronauts during their space missions, consumers also opt for this singular celled fresh water algae due to its many phytonutrients and proteins.
The dark green chlorella algae has its origins in fresh air, free from all
pollution and enjoys a great deal of natural sunlight all year round.
The algae, cultivated in fresh water contains a quantity of chlorophyll and has a broken hard cell wall, as a result of which better digestion and bioavailability of the nutrients in the body is possible.

Chlorella forms a powerful, natural energy source for the human body and is an effective product for sports people to improve their stamina. The algae also forms an effective support for the detoxification of the body.



Grass Mix

Powder made from barley grass juice wheat grass juice, Alfalfa juice, KAMUT® khorasan juice & oat grass juice.

Origin: America


Experience the aroma and flavour of young grasses combined with all the goodness of Purasana grass powders, cold-pressed to form a mix packed with essential nutrients. This high-quality mix of KAMUT®, barley-, wheat-, oat grass and alfalfa provides all the best features of these grasses.

Bring nature indoors with Purasana and experience the aroma of young grasses as natural as freshly plucked grass.




Origin: America


The bluish-green klamath algae, which is called the AFA-algae* due to its Latin name and is also known as the invisible live water plant, takes us to a special place in the American state of Oregon, home of lake Klamath. This ancient algae still grows in one specific location on earth and thanks to its unique ecosystem has an excellent combination of mineral-rich water, pure air and intense sunlight.


Klamath algae is harvested at the high point of its life cycle, filtered and fully purified during the production process to guarantee maximum preservation of the nutrients. Of all edible algae, klamath algae is unique in its absorption of the required nutrients. This nutritious algae takes molecular nitrogen directly from the air and uses the absorbed substances to produce proteins and other nutrients.



Royal Mix

Powder made from spirulina, chlorella, Klamath, broccoli, kale, parsley, cabbage, barley grass juice, alfalfa juice, wheat grass juice, KAMUT®, khorasan juice, oat grass juice.

Origin: Southern India, America


The best of the Purasana Supergreens, carefully selected and combined in a high-quality mix, packed with varied and essential nutrients with the best ingredients which Purasana has to offer. Thanks to the sustainable, low-temperature treatment process, the many phytonutrients are perfectly preserved and this protein-rich royal mix provides a superior combination of vegetables, algae and grasses, preserving the best nutrients for the body.

This green and royal Purasana mix is a pure biological powder, consisting of a high-quality combination of wheat grass-, barley grass-, alfalfa- and oat grass juice, KAMUT® khorasan juice, combined with spirulina, chlorella, klamath and the four vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, parsley and kale).




Origin: Southern India


The edible blueish-green spirulina algae from Southern India contains
a wide variety of natural nutrients and is considered to be a protein-rich vegetable product packed with essential amino acids which act as important building materials for the body. Thanks to the chlorophyll
present, this ancient algae has a purifying effect on the intestines and
body and makes an excellent breeding ground for intestinal flora.


This salt water algae occurs in alkaline water and owes its blueish-green colour to the levels of phycocyanin present.
This unique colour pigment is seldom found in any other organism and has a particularly detoxifying and liver-protecting effect.



Spirulina granules with vanilla

Origin: Southern India


Spirulina granules, with the same benefits as spirulina and an extra natural touch of vanilla, is unique in the Green range and an excellent product with which to discover the unusual world of nutritional algae.


Thanks to the natural and subtle addition of vanilla, the granules
neutralise the typical flavour and aroma of spirulina.



Veggie Mix

Powder made from broccoli, kale parsley & cabbage.

Origin: America


A broad supplement of nutrients from organic and vegetable food are to be found in Purasana’s combined vegetable mix.
This vegetable mix is a tasty green combination of kale, parsley, cabbage and broccoli. The raw, unprocessed vegetables are combined in one nutritious mix, perfectly preserving all of the nutrients present.

Thanks to the sustainable treatment process, during which the vegetables are processed at low temperature, the best nutrients are
preserved and the vegetable mix makes a perfect addition to the
Supergreen range.



Wheat Grass

Origin: Europe


Purasana wheat grass is cultivated organically in the fresh air with an
excellent combination of natural sunlight and rich, fertile soil. Thanks to this natural growing process, the young harvesting of the wheat grass, the processing of the raw materials at a low temperature and the unique composition of the crop, all of the natural vitamins, enzymes and nutrients are preserved.

The wheat grass powder is a fibre-rich complement to the body’s
functions and helps the digestive system to get rid of waste products.



Wheat grass juice

Origin: America


From wheat grass grown on the nutrient-rich fields of Utah to pure green wheat grass powder on your plate at home, all of the nutritional values of the plant grain are perfectly preserved.

Thanks to the one to one raw process, all vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the wheat grass are fully retained. The characteristic freshness and the high quality of the wheat grass has a beneficial effect on the body’s functions. The powder also originates from wheat grass juice which is rich in chlorophyll, the green powder functions as a constructive and regenerating food source and the product provides beneficial support for the regulation of all of the processes that take place in the body.

Purasana wheat grass juice powder, originating from young wheat shoots, harvested at the moment when the most phytonutrients are present and immediately cold-pressed, preserves the best and most fundamental nutritional values to provide the body with the required nutrients.