Miss Belgium loves Purasana

The life of a Miss is very informative, but it is also very busy and requires a lot of energy. Purasana entered into a partnership with the Miss Belgium committee so as to promote the diversity of the product range. Not only beauty is important, healthy food is as well. On busy days, it’s far too easy to grab an unhealthy snack – which results in an exhausted Miss. That’s why we have introduced the finalists and Misses to our products so that the young ladies can get to know healthy snacks, plant-based protein shakes and nutritional supplements that can support them through all their responsibilities and activities.


Romanie Schotte, Miss Belgium 2017

“I already knew some of the Purasana superfoods but thanks to the introduction to the team, I discovered the full range. Meanwhile, I'm already addicted to their Pu-erh tea. On busy days, I take a Shape & Control Chocolate Shake with me as an easy lunch. The dried strawberries are my favorite healthy snack.”


Lenty Frans, Miss Belgium 2016

"To be crowned Miss Belgium was quite an experience. And that’s just the start of it all: photo shoots, sponsor events, travelling – it all requires a lot of energy! That's why I always take the Purasana Super Fruits Cranberries with me as a healthy snack. In the morning I usually drink a glass of rice milk with wheatgrass powder, which gives me loads of energy and all the minerals I need!"


Annelies Törös, Miss Belgium 2015

"I became aware of Purasana just around the time their 'Become a super food chef' recipe book was released. The smoothies with superfoods such as cacao powder really appeal to me. The breakfast recipes are delicious and can be prepared in no time!"